Seminar: Pre-Licensed and Newly Licensed Real Estate Agents

Thank you to those who attended the Pre-License and Newly Licensed Real Estate Agents seminar earlier this week! It was a great success, and we are grateful to have been a part of it.

Purpose of the Seminar:

Broker Marilyn Escobar of Abella Real Estate, organized this seminar and brought together professionals that work with real estate agents so that pre-licensed and newly licensed agents may gain some insight on what being an agent is really about. This included realistic experiences without the “fluff”.

Each speaker had something different to offer. It all came together with one purpose: to educate the attendees on what they will face as a realtor on a day-to-day basis, in a realistic way. Each speaker included real life examples of their experience in the real estate sector, educated the attendees on each of their fields, and spoke of the importance of working closely with third party vendors.


Cristina Acosta of Fairway Independent Mortgage spoke about the different types of mortgages offered to home buyers, the application process, and qualifications needed for obtaining a loan.

Suhem Nazal and Daniel Montecelo of Banker’s Title & Escrow educated the attendees on what title companies do. Banker’s Title & Escrow stands out from the rest for its quality service that no one can beat…seriously.

Anna Fernandez, Esq of Legal Lotus, PA, spoke of legal issues that come up with marital homes during divorces, how the legal profession and real estate overlap, and the importance of how titles to properties are worded.

Alexis Milord, realtor with Abella Real Estate, spoke about how important it was for her to focus on finding a mentor who can provide guidance, rather than an illusion and unrealistic expectations of this industry. Specifically, Alexis was working for one of the largest real estate firms in South Florida. She thought she hit the jackpot when she was signed with this firm. However, once it was time to go out into the real world, she realized that working for this firm was not what she had thought it would be. No guidance, no mentorship, no direction. Luckily, she found Marilyn, who took Alexis under her wing and they have been doing business together ever since.

And finally, the wonderful host Marilyn Escobar closed the seminar with her personal experience as a realtor and broker. She discussed the importance of finding the right mentor to help guide you into a successful career. Marilyn went into detail of how life was like when she first became an agent. She was miserable. At that time, Marilyn worked for a broker who offered no direction, and would not make herself available to answer questions Marilyn would have. Instead, she would tell Marilyn to “Google it”. It wasn’t until she moved to California that she met her true mentor who showed her the way.

Attendees were offered complementary lunch and a wine tasting experience with wines from all over the world, specifically selected by Total Wine. Thank you, Total Wine for sponsoring this event and providing an amazing wine tasting selection!

For those who missed it:

This seminar was one of many this team of professionals have planned for this year.

Abella Real Estate will be hosting another event in October, with the same team of speakers. This event will focus on first time homebuyers and will include lunch and a wine tasting selection sponsored by Total Wine.

Come join us on October 9th for our next event: Homebuyer Happy Hour, Don’t forget to register, as walk-ins will not be permitted. Here’s what the agenda looks like:


  • Check-In (5:30 pm – 6:00 pm )
  • Seminar (6:00 pm – 7:30 pm)
  1. (LENDING) What do you need to qualify: Cristina Acosta – Fairway Independent Mortgage
  2. (TITLE) What is the role of a Title Company: Suhem Nazal & Daniel Montecelo – Banker’s Title & Escrow
  3. (TAXES) The correct way to file taxes: Orlando Rodriguez – Your Tax Solution
  4. (LEGAL) Distribution of Property & Civil Litigation: Anna Fernandez, Esq. – Legal Lotus, PA
  5. (REAL ESTATE) Why you need your own Agent: Marilyn Escobar &Alexis Milord – Abella Real Estate
  6. HOST: Marilyn Escobar – Abella Real Estate
  • Wine Tasting Class (7:30 pm – 8:00 pm)

If you have questions, please reach out to Marilyn Escobar at (786) 584-7584. We look forward to seeing you there!

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