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  1. Thanks for this interesting read! It’s important to seek legal consultation to reduce risks, especially while engaging independent contractors. The counsel may help prepare a policy regarding who, when, and how your company may hire independent contractors. They’ll also train the personnel on the policy, as well as how to properly treat and work with contractors.

    1. Hi George! Thank you so much for your feedback. Yes, it’s so important to get legal advice, especially if you’re a small business owner!
      Thank you, and have a wonderful rest of your weekend!

  2. Whoah…. This his new deep, I thought my ex fiancée chose me in my moment of vulnerability. Not because of my status and my beliefs.he did soak in my knowledge like sponge tho after he assaulted me for 1 not being naive enough to fall for ye manipulation 2. Seeing through his bullshit 3 . Called him out on the bullshit 4. Didn’t enable the behavior nor his drug and alcohol addiction

    Yehh double whammy a narcissistic addict who. Self medicated his bi polar and multiple personality disorders . What a piece of work dated a month and he couldn’t handle my strength.

    Yet we talked and developed the friendship for four years. Hmmm I really thought it was the moment of vulnerability when we first started talking 6 months after I broke up with another individual. This was 😉👌

    1. Hi Rarenwise! Thank you for your comment. Yes, surprisingly, narcissists look for people with positive qualities. It’s all about their ego. Perhaps your moment of vulnerability was what your ex saw as a perfect opportunity to try his manipulation tactics. Based on your comment, it does not seem like that worked on you. Which is great! Thank you for providing us with your personal insight on this!!

      1. I want elf to believe that’s what it was but by the time it took this guy to finally step up and into a relationship with me I was long gone and far away from that vulnerable state

  3. Very informative post! The article correctly includes a list of things that cannot be waived in prenuptial or postnuptial agreements. However, there are certain grey areas like alimony waiver. It depends on the facts and actions during marriage and is at the discretion of the judge. It is also critical to check the state laws, as each state is governed by its own set of laws.

  4. Really informative read! Drafting an enforceable contract is simple if you know the basics. I think it is also important to clearly define the circumstances under which the parties can terminate the contract. For instance, if one party disregards the deadlines too many times, the other party should have the right to terminate the contract without legally violating the agreement.

    1. Great point, George! There are instances where a provision like that would really save time and money. The problem in your example may also be avoided by clearly defining deadlines, and if they can’t be met, it’s time to terminate.

      Thank you for adding value 🙂 Have a great day

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