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Family LAw

Miami-Dade’s Family Court Services

The Family Court Services Unit has been reducing the level of conflict and providing supportive services to families for over 20 years! Specifically, the Unit assists all judges and general magistrates with some of the Court’s most difficult family cases by providing “solution-focused and brief therapeutic interventions.” Attorney’s can also ask the Court for a referral to the Family Court Services Unit by filing a Request for a Referral.

Family LAw

5 Simple Steps on How to ask for Temporary Support while a Divorce is Pending

In most cases, one spouse earns more than the other. Some people have a hard time paying the bills after they have separated. But what happens when a divorce has been filed? Can you ask the Court to require your spouse to financially support you while the divorce is pending? Can you ask the Court to require your spouse to help pay for your attorney? The answer is YES! Here’s how: